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Conventional connector manufacturers carry significant overhead and operational costs which are incorporated by default into the final cost of every single product sold. Furthermore, a hefty margin is applied to the total final cost. On top of this formula, recurrent annual price increases affect the initial budget of a project within the first few years in its lifetime.

At Performance Interconnect we understand and identify all the cost drivers applicable to the connector business and therefore we tailor the manufacturing chain according to the requirements of each project with an innovative lean approach which eliminates unnecessary costs and focuses on output.


Our selection process organizes manufacturing and service suppliers by expertise and capability resulting in the creation of the most efficient production chain. This concept trims the fat, and the customer pays only for what the customer needs from carefully qualified component suppliers, assemblers, distribution partners and test and qualification service providers.

These combined capabilities enable a rapid industrialization path for any product without the need of making upfront investments in internal capabilities resulting in significant elimination of traditional overhead costs.


Each project has distinct and sometimes unique requirements and our selective supply-chain approach enables the customer to have visibility and control over each step in the industrialization process.

The combined advantages of the project-defined manufacturing concept enable our customers to quickly adapt to any type of demand, from high volume commercial requirements to highest reliability military, aerospace, and space-flight requirements.

To explore the advantages in Project-Defined Manufacturing

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