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We are seeking Business Development Managers in the following parts of the world:

Argentina - Australia - Brazil - China - Taiwan - Korea - India - Japan - Ireland - United Kingdom - Germany - Benelux - Netherlands - Denmark - Finland - Sweden - Norway - Italy - France - Spain - Portugal - Poland - Eastern Europe - Israel.

Your interest in this opportunity is appreciated however: Before you submit your application, ensure your experience and qualifications are compatible with the requirements outlined.


PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT offers advanced electrical interconnect solutions employing a proprietary, non-destructive, solderless interface technology superior in performance and cost to conventional connection methods. The S-FECT™ solderless contact technology uses zero-insertion force or low insertion force contact termination interface which can be applied between connectors and PCBs or between mating connectors and it is suitable to make direct connections between PCBs. S-FECT™ technology is superior to press-fit and less expensive to implement than press-fit. Contact diameters are from 0.20 mm to 3.50 mm and are able to carry up to 50 Amps continuous per contact.


Performance Interconnect will design a superior solution for any high-speed or power interconnect application and will select the most effective and competent manufacturing solution resulting in the best performance to price option for the customer.


Performance Interconnect offers advanced thermal interconnection systems for embedded computing applications where conduction cooling is employed. The HEATBIND™ patent pending technology is the world's most effective thermal interconnection for embedded computing applications. HEATBIND™ is significantly superior to wedgelocks, ICE-LOKS or any other open or patented retainer technology. HEATBIND™ is suitable for Open VPX, Space VPX, Open SOSA, Compact PCI Serial and Compact PCI Serial Space applications. We also produce custom designs employing the HEATBIND™ technology and we produce thermal test and custom chassis in 3U and 6U formats.


Performance Interconnect offers expert PCB design and PCB manufacturing of flex or rigid, up to 50 layers, employing the most advanced materials and state-of the art production facilities.


Performance Interconnect offers CNC and machining services employing state of the art machinery with tolerances down to 0.01mm and expertise to process aluminum alloys, copper alloys, titanium, tungsten carbide and various stainless-steel types.


Performance Interconnect is your reliable and agile design partner with quick turnover capabilities for both design and manufacturing.


The Business Development Manager shall perform the following activities:


  • Undergo product and technical knowledge training as organized by the company.

  • Prospect, identify and present to OEMs and general potential customers the company’s capabilities and applicable intellectual property portfolio with the objective to secure new design projects or new design-ins for existing products.

  • Offer to potential and existing customers design and industrialization services for custom products employing S-FECT™ technology, HEATBIND™ technology or any other technologies employed by the company. On an ongoing basis, the manager shall identify and secure new design projects and maintain open activities.

  • Secure representation agreements with distributors and manufacturer’s representatives.

  • Support Distributors’ Technical Sales Managers as needed, including training and ongoing activities.

  • Organize monthly meetings and review the activity reports of Technical Sales Managers.

  • Ensure Commercial Representatives produce monthly sales reports on time and organize report reviewing meetings.

  • Supply monthly activity reports to the company.

  • Participate in weekly company meetings and provide a brief update at each meeting.

  • Participate in Customer Project Meetings as needed.

  • Identify and secure opportunities to sell the S-FECT™ technology and company’s design services to connector manufacturers.

  • Identify and secure opportunities to sell the HEATBIND™ technology and company’s design services to manufactures of thermal management solutions.

  • Identify and secure opportunities to sell the company’s other and future technologies to specialty OEMs who can directly benefit from company’s intellectual property.

  • Participate in sales meetings and trade shows as required by the company.



The Business Development Manager shall be retained under contract as an independent contractor and compensation shall be in form of commissions only for the first 5 years. The commission package is very attractive allowing revenue to reach 200k€ per year depending on performance.

A company share ownership is offered as a bonus; conditions apply.

All pre-authorized expenses are covered by the company.


Experience required:

The ideal candidate must have a minimum experience of 5 years working with OEMs, customers, and distributors in electro-technical sales and business development activities serving industries such as military, spaceflight, aerospace, rail, automotive, medical, or industrial automation.


Must have working relationships with small and medium sized manufacturer’s representatives and distributors of components such as connectors, PCBs, passive electronic components, or cable assemblies.


Prior work with electrical and electromechanical specifications related to connectors and other components would be a definite asset. Experience in embedded computing and thermal management solutions would also be an asset.



Minimum high-school diploma with 10 years of experience in technical sales or associate degree (2 yrs+) in technical discipline with 5 to 7 years of experience or bachelor’s degree and higher in engineering or related discipline with 5 years of experience.


Proficient user of MS Office applications. Capable to deliver oral and written presentations on technical topics with confidence and to inspire credibility.


Must understand and process concepts related to electrical circuits including Ohm’s law, relationships between power, voltage and current, and be able to calculate resistance in series and parallel circuits. Must understand principles related to DC and AC circuits.


Must have working knowledge with materials, metal alloys, plastics, and must understand the concepts of electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and thermal resistance.


Must be proficient interpreting specifications and drawings including the interpretation of tolerances in measurements and be able to make applicable conversions.


Must have a diligent work ethic to maintain customer relationships and to follow-up and report on-time and regularly.


Must have working understanding of processes involving quotations, purchase orders, acknowledgements, lead time, invoicing, and quality documentation.



Language proficiency:

  • For languages in countries of activity: Level 4 (C2) – full professional proficiency on main language of activity and Level 3 (C1) – professional working proficiency on secondary language of activity if applicable.

  • English: Level 3 (C1) - professional working proficiency.


Must have a driver’s license and own a reliable vehicle.

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