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HYPERBITS™ is an innovative PCB to PCB direct blind-mating connector designed to conform to the CPCI Serial Space Specification CPCI-S.1 R1.0 released on August 4, 2017 and subsequently adopted by the European Space Agency under ADHA (Advanced Data Handling Architecture) workgroup.


The HYPERBITS™ design embodies several innovations in interconnect technology, notably the use of S-FECT™ Technology on both sides of the connection system.


The HYPERBITS™ connector eliminates the conventional two-piece connection system known as male-to-female, and blind-mates directly into the via holes on the backplane.

The connector installation on the PCB is achieved without any special tooling and with zero-insertion force.

The HYPERBITS™ connector fully separates the mechanical function from the electrical function of the device and it does not rely on the electrical connections as means of mechanical retention to the PCB.

S-FECT™ Technology allows the HYPERBITS™ connector to achieve the best performance-to-price ratio in high-reliability applications.

With support from CNES and Thales Alenia Space, HYPERBITS™ was awarded a development Contract from ESA under ATRES 4.0 Core Competitiveness Generic Programme Line, Advanced Technology, Activity Reference 5C.461.

Performance Interconnect has entered into agreement with Alter Technology TÜV Nord France to jointly undertake the product development and industrialization activity which is scheduled throughout 2024 and first half of 2025.

Where is HYPERBITS™ used?

Where Used

HYPERBITS™ single piece connector blind-mates directly with the backplane

HYPERBITS in action

3U system draft featuring two HYP1F600 and four HYP2F800 connectors per card:

board assembly

Our next project:

Space VPX logo

We are seeking connector manufacturers  interested to enter into a joint development agreement and manufacture HYPERBITS™ for SpaceVPX under license from PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT.

Contact us for more info.

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