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We are excited to announce the appointment of LVD Systems srl as TECHNOLOGY LICENSEE AND AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR for Performance Interconnect in Italy.

Based in Turin, LVD SYSTEMS srl, is a complete solutions provider of high performance embedded solutions for defence, aerospace, transport, industry and research market.
With more than 30 years of experience, the team at LVD understands customers' needs and requirements, and with a truly proactive and open-minded approach, they help customers achieve their design goals faster, cheaper and better.

With many success stories in their projects portfolio, LVD Systems becomes a valuable collaborator for Performance Interconnect and will help promote our advanced technologies to some of the world's leading technology companies found in Italia!

Business Development Manager USA

We are happy to welcome David Robak to our team as US Business Development Manager.

With an impressive portfolio of experience including roles in Executive Management, Business Development and IP Licensing, backed by a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, David brings a diverse and formidable capability to our US Business Development team.

David will be active in industry workgroups and will promote our interconnect IP to US based connector manufacturers and OEMs.

David is located near Chicago, Illinois.


Embeck announcement.png


We have the pleasure to welcome the team at EMBECK to our family for accepting to represent PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT in Japan.

EMBECK will play a very important role, ensuring our products and design services are available to the Japanese space industry to enable future generations of space-bound embedded computing systems to achieve the highest possible performance in thermal transfer capabilities and data transfer rates.
Based in Tokyo, EMBECK has many years of experience in designing and manufacturing enclosures for industrial computers. The team at EMBECK is well versed in global open standards and supports companies and organizations in the scientific, defense, aerospace, metrology, factory automation, telecom, and networking fields.


PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT is seeking connector manufacturers interested to produce under license the HYPERBITS™ Connector for SpaceVPX applications.

The innovative architecture of the HYPERBITS™ connector coupled with the benefits of S-FECT™ Technology shall result in a product with superior data-rate performance, superior current carrying performance, increased system reliability, lower losses, and shall offer the convenience of PCB repairability and connector reuse.

Furthermore, the elimination of press-fit tools and ZERO insertion force installation and the elimination of the backplane connector shall result in a lower total cost of installation and a lower total system cost.

Good-Bye Press-Fit, Hello S-FECT!

SpaceVPX logo
Embedded World Ad

Embedded World Exhibition & Conference

Visit Performance Interconnect
at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference
In Nuremberg, Germany
From April 8th to April 11th, 2024.
Discover the HYPERBITS™ connector: the world’s first high-speed, single-piece, board-to-board blind-mating connector for high data-rate cPCI Serial Space applications which features a solderless and tool-less installation with ZERO insertion force.
Discover our amazing HEATBIND™ advanced solid thermal retainer system for Space VPX, Open VPX, VPX REDI and cPCI Serial Space conduction cooled applications. HEATBIND™ is the best thermal transfer retainer system available anywhere. PERIOD.
See you at the Embedded World Exhibition & Conference,
stand 5-371 in Hall 5
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We have the pleasure to welcome the team at AKTIF NESER ELECTRONIK to the PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT family  for accepting the business development role for PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT in Turkey.

The team at Aktif Neser has managed to secure a solid reputation with their customers due to their quick reaction and proactive approach to project opportunities maintaining ongoing customer satisfaction.

AKTIF NESER ELECTRONIK LTD. STI. is a specialized supplier of electronic components, test equipment and systems. Founded in 1999 and based in Istanbul, the company serves the electronics industry in Turkey. With our extensive experience since 1999, we have been keeping our philosophy on customer satisfaction and solution-oriented services according to technical developments and innovations. AKTIF NESER is known for supplying quality products and also enjoys a wide reputation as a service-oriented, quick-reaction supplier with a proactive approach. AKTIF NESER’s guidelines for its future development are based on a consistent response to market requirements, reliable support to customers and customer satisfaction. In addition, keeping close relationships with customers and continuously expanding the company’s product range is the basis of AKTIF NESER ELECTRONIK vision. As an important link in the supply chain of leading companies in Turkey, AKTIF NESER ELECTRONIK will continue serving in the best way with the power earned from our respected customers and business partners.

Aktif Neser Logo

Business Development Manager USA

On this January 24th, 2024, we are thrilled to announce that Jaret Eccleston has been appointed as Business Development Manager in USA by Performance Interconnect.

With over 20 years of experience in the connector business and avionics installations, Jaret has served top-level customers in military, aerospace, and spaceflight industries.

As Business Development Manager, Jaret will be responsible for establishing Performance Interconnect's presence, he will develop strategic partnerships and alliances with select distributors, and will ensure that our innovative electrical and thermal interconnect technologies shall provide unbeatable and superior advantages to discerning OEM customers.


European Data Handling & Data Processing Conference for Space, EDHC 2023

Performance Interconnect and Alter Technology France cordially invites you to join us at the first European Data Handling & Data Processing Conference for Space, EDHC 2023 from 2 to 6 October in Juan-Les-Pins, France.
Performance Interconnect will have the pleasure to present Pixus Technologies, their products, expertise, and capabilities, as we will be welcoming all visitors at Stand 04.
The EDHC event organized by the European Space Agency (ESA), is an officially endorsed conference by IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society.
This international forum will cover subjects related to on-board computers, on-board data processing systems & microelectronics for space applications including platform and payload applications. 
Performance Interconnect is a connector and PCB design and industrialization company employing advanced non-destructive solderless interface technologies with superior performance for through-hole and surface mount high-reliability applications.
Alter Technology Group is an elite multinational test services company present in the space industry for 35 years supporting European and international space projects with multiple capabilities including evaluation and qualification of EEE components for space flight.
With support from ESA, CNES and Thales Alenia Space, Alter Technology France and Performance Interconnect have embarked on a joint mission to industrialize the HYPERBITS™ single-piece, high data-rate CPCI Serial Space connector and set-up a modern production line at the Alter Technology facility in Toulouse.

Pixus Technologies is a leading designer and results oriented manufacturer of rugged, high-performance backplanes and chassis platforms for CPCI Serial, OpenVPX, SpaceVPX, and customized systems, with an extensive 30-year experience providing innovative solutions for the most demanding modular open standard architectures employed in military, aerospace, and space applications.

Performance Interconnect is preparing the introduction of a new, innovative product, a single-piece, solid thermal retainer named HEATBIND™ intended for use in conduction cooled embedded computing applications.

EDHC2023 ad

CONNECTOR is here!

On May 30th, 2023, the HYPERBITS connector was born in Seville, Spain, at Alter Technology in collaboration between Performance Interconnect and Alter Technology Spain.

​This marks a significant milestone in the development of a new generation of high performance harsh environment connectors for embedded computing starting with compactPCI Serial Space applications.

​An innovative connector and a gamechanger in the interconnect industry, HYPERBITS eliminates the mated pair concept because it blind-mates a daughtercard directly with the footprint in the backplane while providing superior transmission line integrity with lowest losses through the connector.  The internal proprietary architecture employs advanced edge coupled stripline design combined with materials featuring the highest performance parameters available today.

The solderless, non-damaging, and repeatable interface with the PCB through-holes is achieved via proprietary S-FECT™ technology for both 72 and 96 position connectors.

​The future of HYPERBITS is challenging and exciting with a detailed performance evaluation planned at Alter Technology in Seville, and further development, industrialization and qualification to ESCC-3401 at Alter Technology France in Toulouse.

This project came to life thanks to the trust and support from a number of very special people, a lot of effort and foremost, a lot of ambition.

We are grateful for all the help and trust received and for the financial aid to support the project. 

Performance Interconnect and Alter Technology would like to extend many thanks to the component engineering teams at ESTEC and CNES, and to Thales Alenia Space in Toulouse for the support accorded to propel this project from concept to reality.

Performance Interconnect and Mindreach i2i conveys our combined gratitude and recognition to our valuable suppliers for the joint development collaboration and the quality products and services delivered.


PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT SAS was founded in August of 2022 with the objective to make available the S-FECT™ Technology to all industries and all users.


The S-FECT™  Technology is a game-changing interconnect solution which eliminates the need to solder connectors to printed circuit boards and eliminates the need to employ press-fit technology which requires special installation tooling and is damaging to PCBs. The Slide-Fit Electrical Contact Termination Technology is now available to anyone for new connector designs or replacement connector designs including retrofits due to obsolescence with full backward compatibility with existing PCB footprints.

HYPERBITS connector

PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT SAS secures non-exclusive license for HYPERBITS™ connector

August 16th, 2022

The HYPERBITS connector developed by MINDREACH i2i SL of Andorra is a single piece connector solution meeting the requirements of CPCI-S.0 R2.0 specification and is designed to meet the performance requirements of the ESCC 3401 specification. The HYPERBITS™ connector embodies several innovations in interconnect technology, it is a single piece connector featuring S-FECT™ Technology, it is able to blind-mate computing cards directly to backplanes with an improved high-speed signal transmission line permitting higher data-transfer rates and higher current carrying capabilities. The HYPERBITS™ connector fully eliminates the backplane connector therefore effectively resulting in full system cost reduction, a reduction in the number of components on the bill of materials and reductions of assembly and inspection times.

PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT SAS secures non-exclusive licensing agreement from MINDREACH i2i, SL. for unlimited use of S-FECT™ Technology 

August 16th, 2022

MINDREACH i2i SL of Andorra, an Intellectual Property Asset Generation and Management firm has entered in long-term licensing agreement with PERFORMANCE INTERCONNECT SAS, a French custom connector design company, for the non-exclusive use of S-FECT™ Technology including the rights of utilisation to all associated trademarks.

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