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CNC Machining

High precision machining in copper alloys, aluminum alloys, stainless steels, titanium, high performance plastics. Best lead-times from rapid prototyping to volume production.

Stamping & Laser Cutting

Cutting and forming sheet metal from 0.10mm thickness for connector and PCB shielding, micro-enclosures, miniature housings.

Wired Assemblies

In some cases we would assist customers providing custom wiring for test assemblies related to products we develop.

test card

PCB Design & Manufacturing

We design and simulate for high-speed, high power and thermal management up to most complex backplanes for cPCI Serial and open VPX. We are aligned with highly competent PCB manufacturers. 


PCB Assembly

Our PCB assembly services suppliers meet the most stringent specifications and are qualified to perform assemblies for military, aerospace and space flight applications. You will not be disappointed, your requirement will be matched with the most suitable and competitive supplier based on the specifications your product must conform to. We accommodate requests from prototyping to high  production volumes.

Alloys Selection & Production

We select high performance copper alloys  for electrical and thermal applications, exotic tungsten alloys for high voltage hot plugging applications, we have capabilities to design and source contacts featuring composite construction with high electrical conductivity and elastic properties for harsh environment applications.

Dielectric Materials Selection & Production

We collaborate directly with specialist manufacturers of PCB dielectrics and insulator materials for connectors. We design using high performance materials addressing your application requirements. Allow us to share our knowledge and expertise in order to simplify your quest to achieve the highest level of performance for your next innovative application.

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